Woman Sues Tampa Doctor over Botched Liposuction

Florida Liposuction InjuryA woman has filed a malpractice suit against a Florida physician, claiming that a botched a liposuction procedure he and his staff performed sent her to the hospital and left her badly scarred.

WTSP looked into the allegations, and came up with some disturbing findings. The woman told WTSP that within hours of having the procedure done at JYB Medical and Wright Clinics of Bush Blvd. in Tampa, she allegedly developed blisters and an infection.

To remedy that situation, the woman claims the clinic then cut away large sections of bad tissue to get to the infection, which left hand-sized scars on her body. However, she alleges that even after going through that, the surgical infection didn’t heal.

After going to her primary physician to have the infection checked out, the woman claims her doctor immediately sent her to St. Joseph’s hospital in Tampa. She says the cosmetic surgery clinic tried to talk her out of going to her primary doctor, but she ignored that advice.

“Had I not gone to the hospital when I did, I could have died,” she told WTSP.

The woman says she trusted the plastic surgeon at the clinic because she believed he was board-certified. He was board-certified – as a general practitioner, but not as a plastic surgeon. While the state of Florida mandates that doctors specify which board certifications they have in their advertisements, there is no law in the U.S. that requires doctors to practice within the specialty fields they were trained in.

The plaintiff’s attorney claims the doctor was disciplined by the Florida Department of Health after another botched liposuction in 2009. He is currently on probation and not allowed to do cosmetic surgery.

The doctor named in the suit denies that he was negligent.

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