Woman Grows Bones in Her Eyes After ‘Stem Cell’ Face Lift

A recent story discussed the results of an unapproved cosmetic procedure that led to unexpected – and painful – results. As we have witnessed in Florida far too often, procedures done by undertrained and negligent cosmetic surgeons can result in injury, ungainly scarring, deformation, and even death.

Although this story is unique, it is no less a cautionary tale.

A Los Angeles woman in her late sixties complained to her regular cosmetic surgeon that after undergoing a cosmetic procedure at another clinic months earlier, her right eye had glued itself shut. She also said that every time she opened the eye she felt extreme pain and would hear a “clicking” noise around her eye.

Although he was skeptical at first, the surgeon saw that her eyelid was drooped shut and that the eye was swollen. After seven hours of surgery to investigate the problem, the doctor found small pieces of bone fragments that appeared to be growing in the flesh around her eye.

The clicking sound she had been hearing was bone grinding against bone in her eyelid.

It turns out that the procedure the woman had undergone at the other clinic was a “stem-cell” facelift, in which the doctors extracted adult stem cells from her belly fat, isolated them, and then injected them into her face. According to her doctor, the immature stem cells had the potential to turn into bone, cartilage, or fat.

She wanted fat. She got bone. She had paid $20,000 for the procedure.

According to Medical Daily, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any stem cell procedures for cosmetic purposes, but it is finding growing popularity in clinics around the world. Although the medical possibilities of stem cell treatments seem limitless, the mechanisms by which they work are still poorly understood.

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