Winter Haven Hospital Object of Malpractice Lawsuit

The medical malpractice attorneys at Farah & Farah in Lakeland have learned that a woman is suing Winter Haven Hospital for medical malpractice. She claims that the hospital failed to inform her that she had a potentially lethal bacterial infection, which caused her to have a stroke.

The lawsuit claims that In January 2012, the then 18-year-old student attending Webber International University was suffering from a 104.6 fever as well as other symptoms. Her mother took her to Winter Haven Hospital for treatment.

She was given a prescription for antibiotics and sent her home.

The lawsuit alleges that blood tests revealed that she had been stricken with a potentially deadly bacterial infection of Staphylococcus Aureaus. The plaintiff contends that staff from the hospital never informed her of the diagnosis, even though the antibiotic she had been given was an inappropriate treatment for that particular infection.

Three days after finishing the antibiotic treatment, the woman allegedly became “severely disoriented” and her mother rushed her to Winter Haven Hospital again. Once there she was informed that the bacteria had grown on her heart and that she had suffered a “massive stroke.”

She was taken to Tampa General Hospital for treatment and eventually had to undergo surgery to replace a damaged heart valve.

Sadly, the woman, who had been going to Webber International on a soccer scholarship, was unable to keep the scholarship. She has started taking course work at another university, although her attorney says it is not a full load because his client is still trying to figure out “what she can and can’t do.”

The woman’s attorney told the Lakeland Ledger that the goal of the lawsuit is to help his client pay for future medical expenses, which he claims are going to be “significant.”

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