Will a BP Worker’s Check Bounce?

It’s been reported that BP oil cleanup workers are required to take a 40 minute rest after just 20 minutes of work. That’s why it appears they are not doing anything. Reporter, Larry Mendte, who writes for the Philadelphia Post reports that BP crews are everywhere, but with all the rest they have to take, locals have the impression they are not working very hard for their $18 an hour.

Mendte traveled the beaches from Mississippi through Alabama to Panama City and says the workers are doing a very good job. He also says he saw oil covered dead fishdead fish covered in oil and tar balls on the beach. Much of the beach has been combed and manicured. Residents along the Gulf shores say even if they don’t see tar, the water and sand feel different.

Most of the business owners and some employees have been compensated by BP for their losses due to the tragic oil spill that occurred April 20. Between now and November, they can apply to receive funds from the $20 billion BP has set aside to compensate losses to workers and businesses. But not everyone is happy.

Horse Feathers Restaurant is down about 80% in revenue from last year with a loss so far of about $250,000. The owner applied for and received a check from BP. It bounced! BP is reported to have stopped the compensation midstream because of a new compensation plan in place.

The Florida oil spill loss attorneys at Farah & Farah is are representing people who have lost their livelihood from the recklessness of BP. Be careful what you sign. Once you take a lump sum, you give up your right to take the company to court. BP is essentially shielded from damages you may suffer down the road and “pain and suffering” jury awards.

Despite the promises- no one knows where the oil has gone. The sentiment in the Gulf is that it has gone somewhere and when BP leaves, it will still be left behind along with its victims, many of whom will have no options.