Widow of UNF Business Professor Wins Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Cory Fine was 41-years-old and overweight. The University of North Florida business school professor was so unhappy with his weight that he decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery at Shands at the University of Florida. That was 2002. Fine never made it out of the hospital.

On Thursday, August 12, an Alachua County jury returned a $6.2 million medical malpractice verdict to Fine’s widow and son.

Was it malpractice? The attorney for the family said definitely yes. The surgery went well, but then Fine had some breathing difficulties. It is very easy for a nurse to check a person’s oxygen saturation levels, in other words how much oxygen they are taking in and how effectively their heart is working.

But for some reason when Fine went to radiology for a CT scan, no one checked his levels. Even though he told technicians he felt he was dying and couldn’t breathe if he laid down flat, he was told to lie down on the table. No doctor checked Mr. Fine either as he lay on the table awaiting the CT scan. Fine died on the table. News 4 Jax reports he died of cardiac arrhythmia due to a lack of oxygen.

He was right – he was dying, but no one listened. Fine is survived by his wife Lisa and Tyler, his son, 10.

Shands had no comment to the Gainesville Sun.

Shands is expected to appeal the verdict which will hold it up for more years after waiting 10 years to get to trial. Justice delayed is justice denied, and the family has already waited eight years for justice. Now they get to wait longer.

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