What You Need To Know If You’re In A Plane Accident

“Brace For Impact,” are the last words you want to hear when you are on an airplane.

But that is exactly what was said to the 148 passengers on board a US Airways A320 airbus leaving New York’s LaGuardia Airport Thursday. The plane made a remarkable landing on water and amazingly everyone got out with only a few broken limbs and hypothermia.

So it might be a good time to review what you would do if you heard those words.

“Ditching” is what a water landing is called. On Friday, CBS News reported a visit with a flight training center that trains people on what to do during a ditching.

The first thing to know is that crew is trained to do more than bring you coffee- they are trained to keep you alive. And the plane is made to withstand the impact of a water landing.

Secondly – remain calm and listen to the crew’s words exactly. When the flight attendant tells you to put on your seat belt and life jacket, do so, but please do not inflate the vest inside the plane.

Prepare for impact by bending over and grabbing your ankles and holding on. When the plane hits the water it’s all about getting out fast. Flight crews are trained to evacuate a plane in 90 seconds, so forget your laptop in the overhead.

Move quickly and again listen to the directions from the flight attendant who will tell you where to go. Leave a plane by leg first-then body-then other leg. Outside of the plane is the time to inflate your vest.

Luckily right after impact Flight 1549 had nearby ferries rushing to its side, and it was daylight; a big plus. Again, passengers were advised not to panic when getting aboard the ferries, taking the ladder one at a time.

And next time you’re on a plane, you might want to read those safety manuals in the seat back pockets- they contain all of this information.

Flight 1549 was taking off from LaGuardia, and takeoffs and landings are the most likely time for air travel problems. The causes of Florida aviation accidents can vary widely from user error, to errors on the part of air traffic controllers, to weather conditions and malfunctioning parts.

Victims of aviation accidents are protected by laws that allow them to pursue compensation where negligence is present. We hope that you are never involved in an aviation accident, but if you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to one, you need a skilled aviation accident lawyer.

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