West Palm Beach Woman Awarded Over $100,000 in Wrongful Arrest Suit

Florida Injury LawsuitA jury has found that two West Palm Beach Police officers “intentionally, but not maliciously” injured a 64-year-old woman when she tried to stop them from arresting her son for an outstanding warrant in 2010.

Reportedly, the woman’s mentally challenged son had called the police to their home. Although it is not clear why the son had called the police in the first place, once there the policemen attempted to arrest him for an outstanding warrant.

There was only one problem: the warrant was not for him, but was for another person with a similar name.

The mother claimed that the police officers shoved her to the ground while they attempted to arrest her son. She alleged she suffered a fractured back and ring finger as a result of the melee.

Although the jury did award the woman more than $100,000, they rejected her contention that the officers had violated her constitutional rights. Her attorney had been seeking $1.1 million dollars. The Palm Beach Post reports that the city of West Palm Beach doesn’t plan to appeal the verdict.

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