Two Wrongful Death Lawsuits Filed against North Lakeland Day Care Provider

The mysterious blunt-force trauma-related deaths of two five-month-old infants who attended the same North Lakeland in-home day care center have led the parents to file child wrongful death lawsuits in Florida against the care giver.

The deaths of the two infants occurred a year apart and both children had similar parallel bruises on the back of their heads. Investigators claim that the two deaths are not connected.

The father of the first infant, who died in July 2009, was accused of killing his daughter after taking her home from the facility. He spent 15 months behind bars before the prosecutors determined that they would not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was responsible for his child’s death. Conflicting medical examiner testimony and reports that a second child had died at the same day care facility led to the decision to drop all charges.

Both families are claiming the goal of filing the wrongful death lawsuits isn’t about money, but is about getting answers. The attorney for the family of the second infant, who died in July 2010, told the Lakeland Ledger that the father of the victim believes his son’s case is “falling through the cracks.”

“He thinks that somebody at the day care is responsible, but he doesn’t know who. That’s what he wants to find out,” the Orlando-based attorney stated.

After the second death, the Florida Department of Children & Families investigated the day care facility and revoked its license. According to the Ledger, the owner of the facility has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

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