Two Teens Critically Injured in Panama City Beach Parasailing Accident

Two Indiana teens were critically injured in Panama City Beach after the tow line from a parasail they were riding on allegedly snapped in bad weather.

Panama City Beach Critical InjuryWitnesses reported that a strong wind from a passing storm had come up at the time of the accident and that after the tow line line reportedly detached, the two helpless 17-year-old teens were carried to shore where they crashed into the side of a condominium and hit a power line before they landed on a parked car in the condo parking lot.

The personal injury attorneys at Farah & Farah in Gainesville have reported about the lightly regulated parasailing industry in previous blogs. Just recently, a Connecticut widower filed a wrongful death suit after his wife plunged some 200 feet to her death in the water after her parasailing harness allegedly failed while the two were in the air.

In May of this year, the Florida legislature, once again, failed to pass a bill that would have required stricter regulations for the parasailing industry.

The families’ of the two teen girls report that they both suffered head injuries and severe cuts. One victim required surgery on her back, while the other reportedly has neck injuries. The girls have been able to communicate with their families through hand gestures, according to the Miami Herald.

Investigators with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission were on the scene to talk to witnesses after the tragic incident.

The parasailing boat was owned by Aquatic Adventures, which boasts the largest parasail fleet in the United States. A managing partner at that company told the News Herald in April that he was opposed to the stronger rules that had been proposed in the Florida Legislature’s now-dead parasailing regulation bill. He told the Herald that he believed that the industry should regulate itself, and that Aquatic had a “good plan going.”

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