Two Boats Collide In Charlotte County, One Person In Critical Condition

The boat accident injury attorneys at Farah & Farah in Florida have learned that a two boat accident in Bulls Bay near Boca Grande has injured two men – one of them was listed in critical condition.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) received a report that the two boats -one operated by a local fishing guide, and another boat operated by a Port Charlotte man – collided after the two boats, traveling in opposite directions, entered the same cut through between two small islands in the bay.

According to FWC, both boats were traveling about 30 mph when the drivers of both boats took evasive action to avoid the collision. Although a head-on crash was avoided, the two boats still struck each other, with the “brunt of the collision” being absorbed by one passenger in the fishing guide’s boat. He was thrown in the water and suffered head injuries and a shattered pelvis.

The captain of the fishing boat also suffered head injuries and could not relay his position to rescue authorities. Luckily, a heads up officer from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office marine division guessed where they might be and found them.

The injured passenger was flown to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers with critical injuries. The captain was transported to Fawcett Hospital with head injuries.

FWC reports the crash is still under investigation.

In 2011, 67 people lost their lives in boating accidents in Florida. An investigator with FWC’s Division of Law enforcement said the leading type of boating accident continues to be boaters colliding with objects or other boats. Given the number of boaters in Florida, he stated, “It’s important to pay close attention to everything that’s going on around your boat.”

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