Toddlers Legs Severed In Horrific Lawn Mower Accident

A two-year-old girl is recovering at Tampa General Hospital after her father accidentally backed over her with a riding lawnmower. The horrific and heart-breaking accident severed both of the toddler’s legs just below the knee joints.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, unbeknownst to the father, the girl had been following him behind the mower as he drove it back to the garage. The girl’s mother saw her daughter running behind the lawnmower and signaled for her husband to stop. The husband misinterpreted the gesture and instead of stopping he put the mower in reverse – with tragic results.

The girl was flown to Tampa General and was listed in serious condition. She has already undergone two surgeries and has at least two more scheduled.

Although these kinds of accidents are rare, they occurred often enough that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) implemented a requirement in 2003 that all new riding mowers have a feature that disables the blades when they start spinning in reverse. The Times reports that the lawnmower involved may have been an older model made before the safety requirement was in place.

Some 80,000 lawnmower accidents occur every year in the United States, with about 600 major amputations resulting for children under the age of 10. Safety experts advise that when mowing it is essential that young children not be in the area at all or at the very least, be under an adult’s supervision at a safe distance.

The product liability injury attorneys at Farah & Farah in Florida hope for the speedy recovery of the toddler severely injured in this accident. Unfortunately, due to the lack of safety measures on this older model mower, this child is looking at a lifetime of walking with the aid of prosthetic legs.

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