Three-Vehicle Crash Sends Tractor Trailer into a Pond

The outcome of this crash could have been much worse.

A three-vehicle crash in Jacksonville has left the driver of a tractor-trailer uninjured even after his semi burst into flames, overturned, and slid into a pond. The tractor-trailer was traveling in the right lane of U.S. 1 when an SUV driven by a 21-year-old, who was trying to merge from I-295, lost control in the curve and hit the gas tank of the truck.

Once that happened, the tank burst into flames and the driver was forced to hit another vehicle, before hitting a concrete barrier and overturning. It only stopped when it landed in the water.

Thankfully no one died in this scenario, though it had every possibility. An experienced Jacksonville auto accident attorney would ask a number of questions, among them, what were the conditions of the road, and how fast was the driver traveling?

There are likely some liability questions to pursue as an experienced tractor-trailer driver, who was going the speed limit, should never be forced off the road.

The 33-year-old driver of Middleburg, amazingly escaped with non-life-threatening injuries. And the driver he hit also did not have any major injuries. The SUV driver was not injured either.
Had these drivers not been wearing their seat belts, there would be a different story to report here. Wearing your seat belt is now mandatory in Florida and you can be pulled over just for a seat belt offense. Previously, you had to be doing something else, and the failure to buckle up would be added on.

The new law is expected to save 124 lives and prevent 1,733 serious injuries as well as save more than $400 million in associated costs every year.

As Florida tries to crackdown on aggressive driving including, tailgating, changing lanes without a warning, speeding, running traffic lights, or ignoring traffic signs and signals – drivers are reminded that they can use their cell phone to dial the Florida Highway Patrol – call (star) *347 or *FHP to report aggressive drivers, drunk drivers, or people talking on their cell phones.
Don’t let an auto accident add unnecessary stress to your life. If another driver was responsible for your accident and the injuries sustained, you may be able to seek compensation for property damage and costs relating to your injury. Call the experienced Jacksonville car accident lawyers at Farah and Farah today for a free consultation.

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