The Strangest Laws in Florida

Strange Florida LawsBorn and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, it’s safe to say that personal injury attorneys Eddie Farah and Charlie Farah are proud to have dedicated their careers to protecting the rights of ordinary people throughout The Sunshine State.

However, there are a number of peculiar, outdated, and just plain baffling laws and ordinances that keep us wondering, “How did that ever become a law?” Some strange laws or public ordinances have been repealed, but being so mind-boggling, there’s no quelling the rumors of their existence.

Without further ado, here are some of the strangest laws and ordinances in Florida.

  • If you happen to be the owner of an elephant, be sure to have plenty of change when you decide to ride into town. Tying your elephant to a parking meter while you run errands or have dinner will cost the same amount as it would to park a vehicle in that spot.
  • Weekend thrill-seekers beware, if you happen to be an unmarried woman, it is illegal for you to parachute on a Sunday. You could be arrested, fined, or end up in jail!
  • No matter what the current fashion trends are or how unique your sense of style, men may not be seen in public wearing a strapless gown. The same goes for those of you who wish to wear nothing but liquid latex in public. Under F.S. 383.015, liquid latex just doesn’t provide enough coverage and nudity is prohibited in public.
  • It is possible that one person with a particularly horrible singing voice ruined it for the rest of us, but it is illegal to sing in public while also wearing swimming gear. Thanks a lot.
  • According to Florida’s vagrancy law, if you go out for a walk, you might want to have a goal or destination in mind. It is illegal to wander or stroll from place to place without any lawful purpose.
  • We all have our own image of what a vagrant is, but under Florida law, fiddlers, pipers, and stay-at-home dads are defined as vagrants. So, put away the flute and fiddle and get a job!
  • In Pensacola, it is illegal to roll a barrel through the streets, no matter what is inside. However, the fines will go up depending on the contents.
  • Also in Pensacola, it is illegal to be downtown without at least 10 dollars on your person. So make sure to give your kids their allowance!
  • And finally, Miami Beach has outlawed termite farms within the city and pigs from stepping hoof on the beach.

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