Teens’ Families Suing Suspect in 17-Year-Old’s Shooting Death at Jacksonville Gas Station

A 46-year-old Brevard County man, who has been accused of shooting and killing a teen at a Jacksonville gas station, is now being sued. The lawsuits are filed by the family of the dead teen and by the families of the two teens who were in the victim’s Dodge Durango at the time of the incident.

It is a case that has made national headlines. It started as an argument over the teen playing his music too loud at a Southside Boulevard gas station and ended in a hail of gunfire after the suspect allegedly fired 10 shots into the SUV the teen and his friends were sitting in.

According to the shooting suspect’s first attorney, he claimed he was threatened and he wasn’t sure if the teens were gang members. He also claimed he saw a shotgun in the SUV before he opened fire. Police investigating the shooting did not find a shotgun at the scene.

The separate lawsuits from the families of the surviving teens are seeking damages for defamation, claiming the man tarnished the teens’ standing in the community by accusing them of being “thug-like aggressors.” The Florida Times-Union did not say whether the family of the slain teen was also seeking damages for wrongful death.

An attorney representing one of the family’s told the Times-Union, “From the second he went to his glove box [to get his gun] to the tenth shot, there is terrorism happening in those moments either by intent or negligence.”

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