Teen Killed Hood Surfing in Florida

Let’s hope this trend from Southwest Florida doesn’t make it to North Florida.

This time a 16-year-old teen is dead after he fell from the trunk of a moving car on which he was “hood surfing.”

Justin Brantley sustained head injuries after falling off the moving Toyota being driver by his friend. Brantley went to Lee Memorial Hospital and was in critical condition. He died the next day after being declared brain dead.

“Hood surfing” is becoming a popular stunt. In this case, there was a teen driver and Brantley was one of two teens riding on the back of the car, according to WINK News.

One of the mothers told the station, that the kids did not think they were hood surfing. They thought what they were doing was harmless. None of the teenagers were impaired during the auto accident.

In a matter of moments how life can change. Our condolences to the families involved and with the hopes that this incident will generate a conversation that cars are not toys and need to be treated with intelligence and a good sense of healthy fear.