Tampa Hospital Mold Causes Infections Killing 3 Children

Can mold kill?

The families of three young children have filed a lawsuit against St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, accusing the hospital of failing to protect the leukemia patients from mold.

The hospital was undergoing an expansion in 2008 on the ground floor. The suit charges that mold was stirred up during the construction and that the hospital should have known the children suffered weakened immune systems making them susceptible to infections.

Three children died in April and May, 2008, and their parents have filed the lawsuit. Mathew and Karen Gliddon are suing on behalf of their son Mathew, age 5; Patricia Gunn on behalf of her daughter Kaylie, age 2; and Daniel and Mary Lynn Kesler over their daughter Sierra, age 9, according a story from the Tampa Tribune.

All of the children suffered acute lymphoblastic leukemia and were in the pediatric oncology section on the second floor of the Clyde Perry Cancer Institute. But the construction exposed the children to spores and dust which are airborne infections. All three children developed an infection from the mold called aspergillus.

The CDC reports that it is possible to inhale some form of aspergillus spores and not uncommon, but it can harm people with a compromised immune system. They cannot rid their bodies of the invading spores. The invasive form of the disease can occur during renovations and construction, reports 2TBO.com.

The hospital did use barriers around construction areas and says it filtered the air and monitored ventilation systems.

In an e-mail, St. Joseph’s spokeswoman Lisa Patterson said, “We take necessary measures to reduce infections throughout our hospitals.”

The hospital likely never thought that a renovation could stir up enough toxic spores to harm anyone. Our sympathy goes out to the parents and a reminder if you have been hurt as the result of a construction accident or from mold or environmental toxins, you will need an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida to help you ask the right questions to get answers.

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