Study: Ten Percent Of Vaginal Mesh Patients May Have Painful Complications

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has found that about one out of every ten women who received a vaginal mesh implant suffered from mesh erosion and movement that could lead to painful and long-lasting complications.

The study looked at two kinds of pelvic organ prolapse surgery techniques and found that some 25 percent of women had recurring symptoms over time and that more than 60 percent developed urinary incontinence, sometimes as a result of the surgery.

Pelvic organ prolapse happens when the uterus or vaginal walls drop after childbirth. This drop can cause pain, incontinence and discomfort. According to experts, most women who have been through childbirth have some degree of prolapse. Some 225,000 women have surgery to relieve symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse every year.

The study, conducted by the Utah University School of Medicine, looked at surgeries involving synthetic mesh used in two different procedures: one where the mesh was inserted through the vagina and the other where the mesh was inserted through the abdomen.

What researchers found was that mesh inserted through the vaginal procedure was more likely to result in painful mesh contraction than the abdominal procedure. The lead author of the study said that 10 percent of the women in their study experienced movement of the mesh from its original location. The result of that movement “may cause problems for years down the road,” he stated.

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