St. Augustine Pedestrian Collision

Investigators are still looking for answers following a hit-and-run accident that left a St. Augustine woman in the hospital and one man in police custody. The trouble began Saturday morning just after 2 a.m. in the Krystal parking lot on U.S. 1 South. St. John’s County Sheriff reports that a man driving a blue truck was involved in a fight at a restaurant near the parking lot. Apparently, to avoid further trouble, the man got into a truck, accelerated rapidly in reverse and struck a pedestrian as well as a parked car in the process. The individual then fled the scene.

The woman, who was identified, was flown to UF Health Jacksonville and remains in intensive care. The man who left the scene of the accident was tailed by a cab driver who witnessed the collision and directed police to his location. The driver was taken into custody near Shores Boulevard and Dorado Drive without incident. The man’s name has yet to be released and charges are still pending per the investigation.

Hit-and-run offenses in Florida are serious crimes that often end with significant jail time and steep penalties for the accused. For the victims and their families, such accidents can lead to a lifetime of pain and misery. If you or a loved one has been involved in a hit-and-run accident, you may have legal options available. While nothing can undo the damage a careless or negligent driver has inflicted, a personal injury suit can help to alleviate the financial burden of medical bills, as well as loss of wages and emotional suffering.

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