St. Augustine Birth Injury and Hospital Malpractice Lawyers

St. Augustine, Florida is sometimes referred to as the “nation’s oldest city” since it is home to the oldest port in the continental United States. With an estimated population well over 12,157, St. Augustine is widely known for its lovely beaches, classic architecture, and museums that reflect the life and culture of early Spanish explorers who settled in the area. St. Augustine is also a popular tourist spot in Northern Florida. Considering all that St. Augustine has to offer and its continuous growth in population, it is an unfortunate reality that birth injury takes place from time to time due to medical negligence or hospital malpractice.

A birth injury can have overwhelming consequences for a family to endure. If a medical professional fails to act efficiently and in a timely manner during the birthing process, a newborn baby may suffer serious health problems, scarring, disfigurement, and even death. The mother may also be at risk of suffering harm or injury if a doctor or nurse acts negligently. After a birth injury, a family has a lot on their mind and only wants what is best for their baby. During such challenging times, some families may find it beneficial to seek legal counsel from a skilled St. Augustine birth injury attorney who can help fully explain their legal rights and options if that is what a family decides is best for them.

Hospital malpractice may occur when a doctor, nurse, staff member, pharmacist, or technician causes a patient to suffer injury through negligent or improper treatment or care. Misdiagnosis, surgical error, abuse, and failure to treat a patient, and incorrect administration of drugs or treatment are a few examples of frequent incidents of hospital malpractice. If hospital malpractice or negligence causes an innocent patient to suffer injury, illness, or death, those responsible for such action and poor treatment may be held legally and financially accountable.

If you and your family have experienced a birth injury or another form of hospital malpractice in St. Augustine, please contact the experienced Florida personal injury lawyers at Farah and Farah. We have worked vigilantly for many years protecting the rights of injury victims and their families. Farah and Farah has achieved successful outcomes for our clients in birth injury and hospital malpractice litigation. We can help you. Get in touch with Farah and Farah today at our St. Augustine office for a free and confidential consultation:

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