South Florida Woman Dies After Receiving Butt Enhancing Injections

Miami-Dade Police have opened up a formal manslaughter investigation in the death of a 28-year-old woman who died shortly after receiving a butt enhancing injection at a local massage salon.

According to NBC News South Florida, the woman had paid $2,300 in cash to Cuerpos Health and Aesthetic for the rear-enhancing procedure. Reportedly, a doctor who said he was from Venezuela injected an oily, yellow liquid into the woman’s butt.

It was actually the woman’s second visit to the establishment. She had received a set of injections a week earlier. When she came for a follow-up visit, the alleged doctor told her she had recovered sufficiently from that procedure to receive a second set of injections.

The Florida Department of Health claims that the “clinic” only has a permit to function as a massage salon. However, the Bradenton Herald reports that the establishment’s Facebook page says that it has certified plastic surgeons available.

Reportedly, after the second visit, the woman became disoriented outside of the center and fell down. A local merchant called 911 and the woman was rushed to the hospital. The victim’s mother said that the center’s owner went along with her daughter to Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, but allegedly failed to tell staff that the patient had just received the enhancement injections.

Ten hours after receiving the injections, the woman died of a lung embolism in the Intensive Care Unit. She leaves behind a two daughters, ages seven and eight.

Police are still trying to find the alleged Venezuelan doctor who preformed the procedure. There are rumors that he may have fled back to Venezuela, but that has not been confirmed by authorities.

The owner of the salon has not been formally charged with any crimes at this point.

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