Small Boy Hurt When Two Cars Crash Onto Pompano Beach Sidewalk

A 6-year-old-boy was listed in critical condition after two cars collided in an intersection in his Pompano Beach neighborhood and one of the cars struck him. The little boy was riding his scooter on the sidewalk when a man who was driving an Oldsmobile Cutlass ran a stop sign on NW 5th Avenue and hit a Toyota Camry. After the initial car accident in Florida, both vehicles continued to careen out of control. While the Camry spun several times and ended up in a front yard, the other car struck two more vehicles, a tree, and the little boy.

According to neighbors, the street has a reputation for speeding drivers, and a local resident told one local television news station that the Oldsmobile driver had just gotten a new engine in his car and was probably going 100 miles per hour before the accident occurred. Five adults, four from the Camry and the Oldsmobile motorist, were taken to North Broward Medical Center where they were treated and later released.

No charges have been filed while Broward County officials continue to investigate.

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