School Bus Hits Home in Deerfield Beach with One Person Home

Fortunately, the school bus driver was the only person onboard a Deerfield Beach Elementary School bus when it crashed into a home on Northeast 7th Avenue off Hillsboro Boulevard. The woman at home was watching morning television news when the bus hit her house at about 8 a.m. on Wednesday, November 2. The 64-year-old bus driver of Tamarac said he lost the brakes on the bus and panicked as he ran through a parking lot, a concrete wall, then into the cement block home, damaging it extensively.

The woman inside the home was not injured and fortunately the bus driver had just dropped student off at school. He will be on administrative leave with pay and cited for careless driving, though it is unclear in this story from The Sun-Sentinel why, if there were defective brakes on the yellow school bus, he should be punished. A witness said the driver did not seem aware that the crash had happened.

Defective School Bus?

The Jacksonville bus accident lawyers at Farah & Farah understand that brakes on a school bus are supposed to be inspected every month along with a complete inspection of the safety of the school bus. If the brakes were defective, we’re lucky no children lost their lives from the out-of-control school bus.

School buses carry more than 23 million school children daily in the U.S. and the National Transportation Safety Board finds that about 7 school bus passengers are killed every year. There are far more fatalities on school crosswalks and from motorists failing to follow the law and stop when children are disembarking the bus.

The training of school bus drivers is a critical link to keeping children safe and secure. An incident such as this can only help the school determine if the bus driver is the right person to be behind the wheel, or if he exposes the school to legal liability by endangering students.