Progressive Insurance’s Snapshot Program Analyzes How Motorists Drive

Progressive Insurance wants to know how you drive and in return it is offering a discount on your auto insurance premium of 10 to 30 percent, reports The Daytona Beach News-Journal. Progressive is one of the country’s largest insurers and the program in Florida is called Snapshot.

Here’s how it works – a driver agrees to install a device in his vehicle which calculates the speed of the vehicle, the time driven, and braking. The palm sized device is installed under the steering wheel and Progressive can measure in real-time, as you drive, what you are doing for up to six months, at which time you mail the device back and receive a discount. The insurer insists there is no GPS system in the device and it cannot track where you are going in response to critics who fear they will be tracked.

Florida is the 30th state to receive the Snapshot program. While low-mileage drivers may benefit from Snapshot, it is probably not the program of choice for those who choose to speed or drive long distances.

The newspaper reports that a 2008 study by the Brookings Institution showed that about two-thirds of American households would pay less for insurance if there was some way to monitor the usage of their automobile. But consumers beware – Progressive says if you drive poorly your rates will not go up; however, insurance companies are not always known to have the consumer’s best interests in mind.

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