Preventing Dog Bites Among Children

It’s important to teach your children to love and appreciate animals. It is also crucial for parents to make their children know to be cautious around dogs. Even safe dogs that your kids already know can cause devastating physical injuries and emotional trauma if they attack because they feel threatened or scared.

Teaching your children to be safe and careful around any dog is the first step to preventing dog bite injuries. Here are a few tips all kids should know:

• Do not approach a strange dog. Only ask to pet dogs that are with their owners.
• Know when to give space. Never approach a dog that is eating, nursing its young one, chewing on a bone or sleeping.
• Never leave children alone with dogs. A large number of dog bite injuries involve family pets. Don’t leave children alone with dogs.
• Never reach over to pet a dog. You shouldn’t try to pet a dog by reaching over or under a fence. Dogs are protective of their properties.
• Never run or scream. Dogs will chase a child that runs away. Instead, avoid eye contact and stand still.
• Put something between the dog and the child. If a child is attacked, put a jacket, shirt or bag between the dog and the child.
• Avoid unleashed pets. Even small, harmless looking dogs shouldn’t be approached if they are off leash.
• Never tease or provoke a dog. It’s hard to guess how a dog will react to teasing or taunting. Playful activity can quickly turn into vicious behavior.
• Introduce yourself slowly. If a dog approaches for petting, put out your hand and let the dog sniff your closed fist before reaching out to pet it.

If a dog hurts your child, get the contact information of the dog owner and seek out medical attention right away. You may be able to receive support for financial losses such as medical bills and emotional losses such as emotional trauma and suffering. An experienced Florida personal injury lawyer can help you better understand your legal rights and options. Contact the attorneys at Farah & Farah today at (800) 533-3555 to discuss your case.