Pottery Barn Recalls Drop Side Cribs

Millions of drop-side cribs have been recalled this year and now Pottery Barn Kids is recalling its version of the popular type of crib, according to a Consumer Affairs report. Eighty-two thousand are being recalled due to the dangers of entrapment. When hardware breaks, as frequently happens on the drop-side cribs, a young child can become wedged between the mattress and the crib’s frame leading to suffocation.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports the hardware of the drop-down cribs tends to malfunction with age and with incorrect assembly.

The CPSC says that there have been 36 reports of malfunctioning Pottery Barn cribs. Seven children have been injured. One child fell out of the crib and others had their legs caught. One child became entrapped but was not seriously injured.

Regardless of the model, consumers are asked to stop using the cribs which were sold from 1999 to 2010. Pottery Barn will provide consumers with a fixed-gate conversion that immobilizes the drop-side, originally designed to make removing and placing a child in a crib more convenient for the adult. Earlier this year, after millions of cribs from various manufacturers were recalled, the CPSC decided the drop-side models had design defects. Since then, the agency has called for the phase-out of drop-side cribs.

Manufacturers have an obligation to make products that are safe for children. Whether a defective design or constructed poorly of shoddy material, a defective product should never enter the marketplace, especially when those products are intended for children. When they do, a Florida child product recall lawyer can help parents determine whether they have a potential product liability claim against the manufacturer for compensation of their child’s injuries. Ultimately a product liability claim keeps other children safer if it forces the manufacturer to put out a quality, well-designed product.

The CPSC has found at least 32 children died in drop-side cribs over the last nine years. Fourteen other deaths are also being investigated that have a suspected link to the dangerous drop-side crib. Pottery Barn Kids can be contacted at 877-804-3847 or online at www.potterybarnkids.com.