Plaintiff Seeks $184 Million in Damages during Defective Hip Trial Closing Argument

The attorneys at Farah & Farah have been following the first trial concerning DePuy’s defective ASR XL hip from beginning to end. Recently, we have learned that the attorney for the man who claims he was injured by the defective hip replacement has asked the jury for $5.3 million in compensatory damages and up to $179 million in punitive damages.

During his closing arguments, the plaintiff’s attorney argued that DePuy, the unit of medical device giant Johnson & Johnson that designed and manufactured the hip, knew that it was defective, but marketed the device anyway because the company’s core philosophy emphasized profit over safety. He claimed J&J did not adequately test the device before it began to sell the hip replacement in 2005 and he claims that metal ions released by the faulty device poisoned his client and made him ill.

According to Bloomberg News, the attorney told the jury that it should impose high punitive damages to send the company a “solid message.”

“Nobody has ever accepted responsibility from DePuy. For a company in today’s world to do this to patients – unfortunately, it happens because the money corrupts.” he stated. He went on to describe the ASR hip replacement as “a public health disaster.”

Attorneys for J&J have argued since the very beginning of the trial that there is no scientific evidence that the metal ions released into the plaintiff’s bloodstream were toxic. During closing statements a J&J attorney contended that lawsuits against the company jumped after the hip replacement was recalled, not because it was defective.
J&J claimed it recalled the device in 2010 for marketing reasons and not because it was defective.

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