Pit Bull Attacks Octogenarian As He Mows His Lawn in Levy County

This is a story that is shocking on a couple of levels.

First, an 84-year-old Chieftain man was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull while he was mowing his lawn. According to the dog attack victim, the vicious assault was completely unprovoked and he had to fight off the dog for ten minutes before he could get free and call 9-1-1.

A spokesman for the Levy County Sheriff’s Department said that the elderly man had lost a lot of blood and had bite wounds on his head, neck, arms, and legs. “It was an extremely gruesome crime scene, ” the spokesman stated.

The senior was taken to a local hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries and had to undergo surgery. After the surgery, the hospital reported that the elderly victim was in stable condition.

According to the spokesman, the dog was not on a leash. The owner of the pit bull was cited for several violations, including failure to produce evidence of a rabies vaccination. However, she couldn’t be cited for failing to have her dog on a leash, which leads to the next shocker: it’s not illegal for a dog to be off-leash in Levy County.

Levy County Animal Services confiscated the dog that attacked the elderly man, as well as another dog owned by the neighbor. A hearing to determine the fate of the dogs will be held on Sept. 11.

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