Pilot Fatigue a Factor in Delta Airlines Landing Mishap

Federal accident investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a report Thursday, September 25, that stated cockpit fatigue led to a near mishap at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport last October, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Delta Boeing 767, a wide-body jet, landed on a 75-foot taxiway instead of the 150-foot wide parallel runway typically used for jumbo jets at the airport. None of the 182 passengers aboard was injured.

The NTSB report highlights the insidious problem of pilot fatigue.

In this case, the pilot of Delta Flight 60 had departed Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after being awake for 11 hours. During the 10-hour flight, he was unable to get up and stretch because a crew member became ill.

The federal agency concluded that the captain working into a 22nd hour appeared to be a big factor in the landing error.

Top make matters worse, some of the runway lights were not operating at the Atlanta airport. Delta Airlines concluded it would use the incident to retrain the pilots so they could return to their jobs.

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