Parents File Lawsuit over Teen Death in Brandon Rodeo Accident

It’s been two years since a 16-year-old girl died as the result of a rodeo accident at the Crosstown Arena in Brandon, but her family is now suing the rodeo for negligence and wrongful death. The statute of limitations to bring a child wrongful death lawsuit is two years in the state of Florida.

The girl died after a bull bucked her off during a bull riding competition and then kicked her in the chest. Although she walked away after the fall, she later collapsed and died at Tampa General Hospital during surgery. It was determined that the kick had lacerated her liver and she died of internal bleeding.

The lawsuit claims the rodeo allowed the teen to ride an “aggressive bull above her skill level,” according to The Tampa Bay Times. While the parents had signed a liability waiver that acknowledged they understood the risks of bull riding, they still have lingering questions as to why there were no emergency vehicles on site the night of their daughter’s accident. The parent alleged the rodeo authorities waited some 15 to 20 minutes to call an ambulance after their daughter was kicked.

“You see ambulances at sporting events, race car events. I don’t think that bull riding is any safer than any of those,” the family’s attorney told the Times.

The suit has named some 18 defendants, including the owner of the company that runs rodeos in the area.

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