Palm Harbor Girl’s Parents Blame Hospital, Doctors for Daughter’s Death after Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomies are supposed to be routine, so it was a shock when a 12-year-old Palm Harbor girl died after having a tonsillectomy at Mease Countryside Hospital’s outpatient facility in Safety Harbor in August of 2010.

Now, the parents of the dead girl have filed a medical negligence lawsuit related to surgery error against the hospital and her doctors, claiming that a dangerous mix of drugs and mistakes led to their daughter’s death.

According to the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiners Office, the girl was several minutes into the surgery when she developed a pulmonary edema and went into cardiac arrest.

She died two days later at another hospital.

The examiner’s report stated that complications from the operation led to her death, but went on to blame a “cerebellar vascular anomaly” as a contributing factor also. They concluded that the death was “natural.”

The girl’s parents aren’t buying that conclusion.

The lawsuit claims that the ear-nose-throat specialist who performed the surgery ignored a medical red flag while removing the first tonsil when “bloody froth came up the breathing tube.” The suit contends that despite that warning sign, the specialist continued to remove the other tonsil.

The suit also alleges that the injection of a local anesthetic was not administered properly and that the drugs and dosage were improper for a 12-year-old. It goes on to claim that attempts to resuscitate her were flawed.

The mother of the girl told the Tampa Bay Tribune the family is making the story public because they want others to know the truth about what happened and whom they think is responsible for their daughter’s death.

“I would never wish this upon anyone,” she stated.

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