Orlando Pays Woman $244,000 in Police Excessive Force Case

This may be a case in which the city of Orlando wishes it had left well enough alone.

The Orlando Taser injury lawyers at Farah & Farah reported in April of last year that a jury had awarded nearly $80,000 to a woman who had been slammed to the ground and Tasered outside the Citrus Bowl in 2003 by Orlando Police.

The woman sued the Orlando Police Department, contending they had violated her civil rights and had used excessive force. The jury agreed with her and awarded the woman $4,400 for medical expenses and $75,000 for pain and suffering.

The city of Orlando appealed the jury’s decision, and the court recently found for the plaintiff again – but this time to the tune of $244,000 instead of the original $79,400. The additional money was awarded to pay for the woman’s attorney fees and court costs.

The 2003 incident, which was caught on video, showed Orlando Police throwing the woman to the ground after she tried to come to the aid of a female friend who had been thrown to the ground by several Orlando policemen. The police threw her to the ground also and Tasered her while she was down. Police later contended that the woman had been reaching for an officer’s gun.

The Orlando Police changed their Taser policy after the incident.

The woman’s attorney told WFTV News that his client was glad she could put the incident behind her. “She is very satisfied with the result, and we’re glad that justice was served in this case,” he said.

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