Operation C.A.R.E.

Today is day one of Operation C.A.R.E. that stands for Combined Accident Reduction Effort and is being conducted by the Florida Highway Patrol. Those of you on the roads for the next 72-hours will be watched very carefully for speeding, not wearing your seat belt, and DUI. The CARE program and increased traffic patrols runs through Sunday.

FHP is very serious and plans to conduct DUI checkpoints and have DUI teams driving through areas looking for those of you driving under the influence.

Additional radar, laser, motorcycles, and marked and unmarked patrol vehicles will be on the road as well as aircraft to spot violators from the air, then direct troopers to pull them over. All of this is intended to reduce the number of crashes expected.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that the Independence Day weekend is the deadliest for motor vehicle accidents in Florida and across the country – with 161 deaths on that day alone in 2004. This year, if you are on the road and see someone behind the wheel who should not be, FHP has set up a number – dial *FHP (*347) from your cell phone and you can report an aggressive driver and also request roadside assistance as well.

Enjoy the fireworks, our great country, stay well and don’t become another statistic.