One-Year-Old Hit by SUV In Front Yard

At the beginning of summer there seemed to be a rash of accidents involving children being hit by cars, usually SUVs that no one could see around.

Well it has happened again, this time in Glen St. Mary, Florida. A little boy was run over by the family SUV being used to pull a trailer when nobody was paying attention. Luckily, the child survived this auto accident in Florida.

One-year-olds generally cannot walk on their own very well, and the story doesn’t say how he got near the car wheel. The little boy had been left in a small wading pool in a play area in the front of his house while the father was busy working filling holes in the yard in the 17800 block of Pleasant Trail Road. A sixteen-year-old neighbor was told to move the SUV forward and that is when they heard the child scream after the right rear tire rolled over him.

Luckily, the boy is in stable condition after being flown to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center. Our prayers go out to this little guy who obviously has had a tough time. Why was he left alone without supervision in a small swimming pool? Anyone can drown in a cup of water or less. And it now turns out that the 16 year-old neighbor did not have a driver’s license.

Charges are possible pending a further investigation. The Department of Children and Families should consider they are dong the family a favor if they cite them as well. This story could have easily had a different conclusion.

Kids and Cars, a nonprofit group made up of concerned parents, maintains a national database that tracks deaths and injuries to children left unattended near or in vehicles. No federal agency is collecting such data so a nonprofit has taken over that job.

So far in 2009, there have been 95 children killed and 391 children injured after they were left alone in a hot car or unsupervised near a car and run over. Last year, 204 children were killed in or near cars.

We’ve blogged before, in fact every time this happens, on the fact that people cannot see around large SUVs. Backovers make up the bulk of these injuries, followed by front rollovers and hyperthermia, or leaving a child in a hot car. Cars can be retrofitted with rear cameras, or audio beeps.

Regardless of equipment, it pays to take one walk around your vehicle to check for little ones. There is no excuse for this sort of child abuse.

If your child has been injured in an auto accident by a negligent driver, you may be able to receive compensation to help pay for expensive hosiptial bills, medical treatment, and other costs associated with your child’s injury and suffering. Contact the skilled Florida auto accident lawyers at Farah and Farah today for a free consultation of your case.

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