Obama Administration Wants to Put Workers Back on the Job

The Obama administration is urging Congress to pass the American Jobs Act that will direct $50 billion toward repair of the U.S. infrastructure and another $10 billion for a National Infrastructure Bank. As a result, thousands of workers would be expected to go back to work in construction jobs, railroads, and related fields by 2013. With a country in need of repair for our elderly infrastructure, Congress would be able to make a valuable decision to staff road, bridge, transit system, light rail and airport projects in Florida, 20 other states, and the District of Columbia.

The report issued by the White House includes named projects such as improvement of the I-10/I-95 interchange in Jacksonville. Many lives are lost at this dangerous intersection, which also tends to bottle neck.

Investing in infrastructure is not a luxury. Without working roads we’ll find that society as we know it will suffer if trucks cannot deliver goods, including food, to cities and communities. And with a 10 percent unemployment rate in Florida, one of the highest in the country, getting back to work will only improve our community and our economy.

A Safe Workplace

No matter what your job, workers are entitled to a safe workplace that is free of hazards. That is what is required of each employer no matter what the job. If you suffer a workplace injury or are injured during the scope of your job, you may be able to recover damages from a third party that is responsible for your injuries. In addition, your employer and his or her insurance provider will cover the costs associated with your injury, recovery, and lost wages. If you decide to sue the third party, it can be done concurrently while collecting workers’ compensation from your employer.

The Ocala workers’ comp attorneys at Farah & Farah encourage every worker to make sure they report any suspected hazards to their employers before there is an injury. Call our offices at (800) 533-3555 to discuss your workers’ compensation situation if you do not feel you are receiving what you are due.

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