New Cruise Industry Safety Policy Focuses on Lifeboat Drills

FL Cruise Ship Safety LawsTwo major groups representing the cruise industry have announced that cruise ship lines will now be conducting live drills with loaded lifeboats once every six months due to a new safety policy.

The new Life Boat Loading for Training Purposes policy, announced by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and European Cruise Council, was implemented in response to the capsizing of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy more than eight months ago. Court–appointed experts looking into the deadly cruise ship accident found that the Costa Concordia crew wasn’t trained or certified in security and emergency drills, which led to onboard chaos and may have contributed to the deaths of 32 people.

Now, all crew assigned to operate or lower lifeboats will be required to participate in the twice-a-year training, which will involve lowering a life boat into the water with those crew members aboard, filling the boat with additional crew members once it is in the water and familiarizing the crew with lifeboat operations and maneuvers.

A former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, who worked on the safety panel that recommended the new policy, said the training represents a “significant improvement” in cruise ship safety standards.

“What it does is provide real operational practice for crew members to watch the loading, manage the loading, and then maneuver the vessel with the filled boat,” he said.

Miami-based Carnival Cruise Lines, which owns Costa Cruises, is a member of CLIA and will be participating in the required training.

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