Mother of Florida Cruise Passenger Who Fell Overboard Hires Attorney

The mother of a 21-year-old woman who fell overboard from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in September has hired an attorney, claiming that the cruise ship waited too long to begin conducting a search for her daughter.

The attorney for the mother argues that the cruise ship, the Allure of the Seas, failed to immediately turn around and search for the woman’s daughter after it was reported that she had fallen from the ship about 147 miles east of Fort Lauderdale. He claims that the ship also delayed contacting the Coast Guard, which hampered efforts to recover the cruise ship passenger.

The young woman went overboard on Sept. 16, and the Coast Guard gave up the search on Sept. 18. She was never found.

Miami-based Royal Caribbean claims that it takes time to determine if a passenger has gone missing from a ship and that it needs to verify that somebody is not onboard before asking the Coast Guard to “commit to sending assets to help search.” According to the Coast Guard, Allure of the Seas contacted them two hours after the Florida cruise ship accident.

Meanwhile, the mother’s attorney is searching for answers. “The plan is to gather as much information as we can,” he told the Sun Sentinel. “I want to provide answers to the mother. Why was a search-and-rescue effort not started sooner?”

Sadly, the Allure of the Seas cruise had been an award for the mother’s job performance, and she had taken her daughter along to accompany her on the trip.

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