Man Tasered to Death by Orlando Police at Universal Studios

The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Farah & Farah are following a lawsuit brought against the Orlando Police Department by the parents of a 33-year-old Polk County man who died after allegedly being Tasered by a security guard several times at Universal Studios.

The family is bringing suit against the Orlando Police Department. The guard was an off-duty, Orlando police officer who worked as a security guard at the amusement park.

Police claim that the victim had been allegedly acting “oddly” and became violent at Universal Studios on April 22, 2011. They report that the guard and three other security personnel – also off-duty Orlando police officers – tried to subdue the man and after a tussle, he was shocked with the Taser.

The lawsuit contends that the man posed no threat and that the security guard had no legal justification for detaining the victim or for using the stun device. The suit also alleges that the guard continued to shock the victim when he was down on the ground, which led to the defenseless victim’s death.

The parents are accusing the City of Orlando for negligence of improperly training their personnel in Taser use and claiming that their deceased son’s constitutional rights were violated. The parents also accused the guards of committing battery and improperly monitoring their son after he had been shocked.

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