Man Sues Urologist and Anesthesiologist over Penis Amputation

A man, who claims his penis had to be amputated after an implant surgery, is suing his anesthesiologist in a Miami court.

The patient, who now lives in Peru, testified via Skype that the doctor failed to properly take his pre-existing conditions into account- which included diabetes – when he cleared him for the procedure. The alleged victim had gone in for elective surgery at Coral Gables Hospital because he was experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Nine days after the surgery, a small infection become gangrene, which in turn developed into flesh eating bacteria.

To save his life, the man’s penis had to be amputated.

As a result, the alleged victim sued both the urologist who had performed the surgery and the anesthesiologist in 2009. The urologist, who is being sued in yet another unrelated penis amputation case, settled with the patient out of court last year.

The anesthesiologist testified that his responsibility extended only to anesthesia and not to when the patient was in recovery. The attorney for the plaintiff countered that it was the anesthesiologist who ultimately cleared the patient for surgery and that he should have taken into account that diabetics are more prone to infection.

The attorney for the doctor told the Miami Herald that the whole incident was “just bad luck.”

The plaintiff allegedly is asking for tens of millions of dollars in damages.

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