Man Killed in Tampa Bay Bicycle Crash

Another tragic accident has taken the life of a Temple Terrace man who was out riding his bicycle for exercise. The 52-year-old veterinarian and black belt instructor was killed in an accident on Sunday, February 13, around 2 p.m. when he rode his bicycle near the University of South Florida’s Riverfront Park. A 20-year-old was driving the vehicle that struck the man, and her car has been impounded along, with another vehicle. reports that police suspect the two may have been racing at a high rate of speed and traveling in tandem.

Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of this popular man, husband, and father for his tragic passing.

Florida Bicycle Collisions
State statistics show the number of bicycle fatalities declined in the state from 2008 to 2009 15.3% from 118 to 100. But in Hillsborough County (Tampa Bay area), both bicycle injuries and fatalities increased. There were 321 injuries and 4 bicycle fatalities in the county in 2008 but 346 injuries and 6 fatalities in 2009.

A study by USA Today found that Florida has the highest percentage of pedestrian and bicyclist deaths at 11.1 percent for pedestrians and 17.4 percent for cyclist deaths in 2008.

As more people choose walking and bicycling over cars the state is seeing a corresponding increase in the number of pedestrian and biking injuries and deaths. While federal officials promise that future transportation improvements will take into consideration cyclists and pedestrians, that does very little to stop the trend we’re seeing. The Florida bike crash lawyers at Farah & Farah remind us that we all need to Share the Road with other forms of transportation.

While there are times when the cyclist is at fault for not following the rules of the road, many motorists are too busy or distracted while driving to see a bicyclist until it’s too late.