Man Escapes Sinking Vehicle in Retention Pond Orange County Accident

A 22-year-old Orlando man is fortunate he only suffered minor injuries early Monday when his car went into a retention pond in Orange County. The man, Ebraheem Al-Samadi, lost control of his vehicle, reports the Florida Highway Patrol. The accident happened on State Road 50 at the ramp onto SR 408 about 1:10 a.m. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Al-Samadi was able to escape his 2004 Lexus before it sank. The man reportedly swerved to avoid hitting an animal in the road.

Al-Samadi is very fortunate that his injuries were not more serious and he was able to escape. We wish him a swift recovery.

Orange County Accident Statistics
Orange County in central Florida had 16,712 auto accidents in 2008, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. 1,373 of them were alcohol-related and 170 fatalities resulted from those accidents.

Retention Ponds in Florida
With a large number of retention ponds throughout Florida, drivers often find themselves ending their journey in one. It often does not end well, especially if the vehicle turns upside down. This story leaves out a lot of information such as whether the pond had a fence around it, whether this man was speeding or whether another vehicle was involved. A Florida car accident attorney would want to have the answers to those questions before the at-fault driver can be determined and costs assessed. A thorough investigation should also determine if the Toyota was operating normally, and not a runaway vehicle that some Toyotas have been determined to be. If this Lexus was on a recall list, had been “fixed” as Toyota calls it, and then had another unintended acceleration accident, then the auto maker, Toyota, could be held responsible for this man’s injuries and losses.