Man Dies in Single-Vehicle Crash in Manatee

A 28-year-old Georgia man has died as a result of a one-car accident Sunday, May 2. Haudrey F. Figuerdo was a passenger in a 2006 Toyota that was being driven by Carlos Rivera, 39, of University Park. According to a Herald Tribune article, the two were northbound on Cooper Creek Boulevard in Manatee County around 3:18 a.m. Rivera, the driver, lost control of his vehicle around a curve, drove up over the curb and then struck some shrubs, then a tree. The car spun around and the Toyota then caught fire. Rivera was listed in serious condition at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.
Our sincere condolences are extended to the family of Mr. Figueurdo for his sudden death in this tragic accident.

Florida Accident Statistics
Manatee County, which encompasses the Bradenton area south of Tampa, had 3,777 auto accidents in 2008, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. 445 were alcohol-related and 55 fatalities resulted. In addition there were 3,173 injuries that resulted from Florida vehicle accidents.

Single-Vehicle Accidents in Florida
The cause of this fatal crash is a mystery based on the information provided. If I was a member of Figuerdo’s family I would want to know if there was any negligence involved. Did the driver suffer some sort of medical condition that caused him to lose control of the vehicle? Was he under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Were the vehicle occupants wearing seat belts? If so, did the seat belts work? Was the driver speeding? Were there any witnesses? Oftentimes when a single-vehicle accident occurs early in the morning, DUI or driving distracted is suspected, but without an independent and thorough investigation by a Florida vehicle accident attorney and investigator, those answers may never be uncovered.If there was a problem with a defective auto, a claim could be filed against the automaker. If there was negligence by another driver, that person could be held liable. If a dangerous roadway contributed to this accident, the governmental agency responsible for maintaining the roads could be held liable as well.