Lexus is a Safety Risk – Consumer Reports

Toyota is halting Lexus SUV sales. It’s only happened once before in ten years. Consumer Reports, the well-respected consumer magazine and nonprofit organization, has issued a “Don’t Buy” warning about the Toyota Lexus GX 460 because the consumer group calls it a “safety risk.”

The problem – the vehicle can roll over during sharp turns because it has handling problems. 6,000 of the vehicles have been sold since it went on sale in late December. Toyota is now asking Lexus dealers to stop sales of the GX 460.

Consumer Reports tested the $52,000 vehicle on its race track and said it was prone to slide when driven in sweeping turns, reports the NY Daily News. The 4Runner and GX460 are built on the same platform but the 4Runner did not have a similar problem.

“In a real world situation if they were to slide out on a paved road in that manner the rear wheel could hit the pavement and could cause a rollover. It’s called a trip rollover and that’s the most common type of rollover,” said Rik Paul of Consumer Reports.

And electronic stability control takes too long to kick in. Toyota says its tests provide a good indication of how they will perform in the real world. Toyota vows to try to duplicate the CR test to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken. The “Don’t Buy” warning is only for the current year and not for past models, reports Associated Press.

Auto product defects have the potential to affect thousands of Americans. Jacksonville accident attorneys who handle automotive product liability cases can attest to the tragic loss that serious crashes caused by auto design flaws can create. Hopefully, auto manufacturers can better maintain their responsibility of designing and creating vehicles that are safe for consumer use.