Largo Work-Release Facility Under Scrutiny after Rape of Teen

Were the lax policies and negligence of a Largo work-release facility responsible for the rape of a teen who was on her way to a school bus stop in late December? The Florida Department of Corrections made a surprise inspection of the facility to find out if changes need to be made.

The Largo work facility is the largest in the state – it also has the reputation for the most escapes, with over two-dozen per year for the past three years. The work-release facility houses some 280 inmates who are transitioning back into public life. They are still prisoners, but they are allowed to leave the facility to go to work.

The inmate who allegedly committed the rape left the facility, apparently without authorization, several hours before his work shift was to begin. Police investigating the crime said that the inmate also regularly went to a local gym and even visited his girlfriend, both violations of work-release restrictions.

When authorities arrested the 28-year-old man two weeks after the crime, he had two cellphones that belonged to the rape victim. Cellphones are also not allowed at the facility. If inmates break the rules, they are supposed to be sent back to prison to complete their sentences.

This is not the first time an inmate from the facility has committed a crime on the outside. According to the Tampa Bay Times, another inmate was arrested in September of last year in connection with two murders in the Kenwood neighborhood of St. Petersburg.

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