Lab-Boxer Mix Attacks Two Kids After Jumping Into Van Window

A lab-boxer mix escaped its cage at an animal shelter and jumped into an open mini-van window, attacking two small children who were inside. The mother of the children, who reportedly was a volunteer at the Second Chance Animal Shelter in Bunnell, was also injured as she attempted to fight off the dog.

According to police, the dog escaped from its cage, jumped into the van’s open passenger-side window and immediately attacked a three-year-old boy inside. Reportedly, the dog latched onto the boy’s head and dragged him to the van’s floor.

The mother of the boy allegedly wrestled with the dog and was able to pry its mouth off of her son’s head, but then the dog attacked her. She suffered bites on her face and neck. She was able to gain control of the dog and allegedly put it back in the cage, but it escaped a second time and jumped back into the van.

This time, the dog attacked her five-year-old daughter. It allegedly bit her on the shoulder and dragged her to the floor of the van. The mother was able to gain control of the dog again and put it in a holding area. She called for help and rescue personnel transported her and her two children to Florida Hospital Flagler.

According to First Coast News, the boy suffered a tear to his right eye; puncture wounds on his chin; a tear on his mouth; and multiple lacerations to his face and body. The little girl suffered puncture wounds and lacerations. The mother was treated for bite wounds on her temple, ear and arms. The three were listed in stable condition at the hospital.

Flagler Animal Control officials seized the dog and placed it in quarantine.

The privately owned animal shelter disputes that the dog escaped from its cage and is blaming the mother, saying she released the dog from the cage to let it go to the bathroom.

According to, victims of severe dog attacks can receive injuries that may require between $250,000 and $1 million in specialized medical care treatment. In 2008, the average cost of a dog-bite related hospital stay was $18,200.

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