Johnson & Johnson May Be Facing Expensive Sequel to ASR Hip Replacement Recall

Johnson Johnson Hip Replacement RecallIt was two years ago that Johnson & Johnson (J&J) recalled its ASR metal-on-metal hip devices due to the high failure rate of the implants. The recall was considered one of the most expensive medical device failures in U.S. history – and history, according to Reuters, seems to be repeating itself.

Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implants, which succeeded the ASR implants, are experiencing the same kinds of problems as its predecessor. Pain, swelling, infection, difficulty in walking, elevated levels of chromium and cobalt in the blood, and implant failure requiring revision surgery are some of the complaints lodged in the 1,600 lawsuits currently pending against the Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implants.

While the Pinnacle line covers non-metal models as well, it is the class of metal-on metal hip devices in general that are drawing the most scrutiny from doctors, patients, and federal authorities.

“We’re simply seeing the tip of the iceberg with metal-on-metal failures,” Dr. Mary O’Connor, an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida told Reuters.

While J&J set aside $3 billion to settle some 3,000 ASR claims, a spokesperson for DePuy Orthopedics, the J&J unit responsible for the Pinnacle and ASR lines, says the company plans to vigorously defend itself against the Pinnacle lawsuits.

Government data estimates that some 150,000 patients in the U.S. have received Pinnacle metal-on-metal implants. According to Reuters, if the Pinnacle lawsuits are found to have merit, J&J could be out nearly $5 billion to cover revision surgeries alone.

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