Jacksonville Teens Pledge Not to Text and Drive

Allstate Insurance recently launched a national campaign to encourage teens not to text and drive and a local woman in Jacksonville is helping. She has decided to launch her own campaign after hearing the statistics on teens and auto accidents. Her husband used to work for Allstate in its claims office in Jacksonville and would tell her about accidents involving teens, reports The Florida Times-Union. So his wife, who owns a Jacksonville insurance agency, and her director of marketing decided to launch their own campaign to help stop the epidemic.

On a recent visit to Clay High School they handed out “txtng klls” rings with that message to students who take a pledge not to drive and text. A banner has the left thumb imprint of every student who pledged not to text while driving. Customers of the woman’s insurance company have signed a similar banner which hangs outside her office on St. Johns Bluff Road. She plans to take the program all around schools in Northeast Florida.

According to Allstate Insurance, more than 4,000 teenagers are killed in car crashes every year, making car accidents the leading killer of American teens. Reaching for a cellphone alone can distract a driver enough to raise the risk of an accident nine-fold. Consider the distance one can travel at 55 mph. Spend five seconds looking down at a cellphone while going that speed and you have traveled the length of a football field, totally blind.

Anyone who would like to participate in the “X the TXT” campaign can call 904-645-8880.

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Source: http://jacksonville.com/opinion/blog/400799/charlie-patton/2011-08-23/one-us-first-coast-women-spread-message-txtng-klls