Jacksonville School Bus Wreck Injures Three

It happened Friday morning. A school bus pulling onto Beach Boulevard at Desalvo Road was struck from behind by a Ford Explorer SUV. Two students received minor injuries and the driver of the SUV reported injuries, news4jax.com reports. According to the bus driver, the SUV ran a red light and hit the rear of the bus that was loaded with students from Windy Hill Elementary School about 8: 30 a.m. One child was taken to a nearby hospital by Jacksonville Fire-Rescue and another was taken by the child’s parents. The bus driver was reported to be calm at the scene and talking to all of the kids.

We wish a speedy recovery to all of the children onboard the bus and wishes that they never have to go through another accident on a bus again.

School Bus Accident Statistics
Between 1998 and 2002, a total of six children died in school bus related crashes in Florida. Two were killed while riding inside the school bus and four were killed while preparing to load or unload a school bus. A high percentage of the 4,830 school bus crashes were attributed to the fault of other drivers.

Liability Considerations
The Florida Highway Patrol will conduct an investigation of this bus crash and it is very likely that the SUV driver will be found to be the at-fault driver. For one thing, the school bus was hit from behind and it’s generally assumed the driver who hits a car in front of them is at-fault. The second problem for this SUV driver is that he or she hit a school bus. Motorists are supposed to be very mindful of a school bus and of the stop sign on the bus that alerts motorists that children are loading or unloading. You are supposed to leave adequate space between your vehicle and the bus. All motorists are supposed to remain stopped until the school bus withdraws its stop sign.

According to federal statistics, in 23 percent of all crashes involving school buses, the principal point of impact was the rear of the bus. If your child has been involved in a school bus accident and was injured, a Jacksonville accident attorney and investigators should be called in early to make sure that the at-fault party can be determined and to assure that your child is being adequately cared for while being transported by the school system.