Jacksonville Rollover Crash Kills One Man and Seriously Injures Another

A Jacksonville man was killed and another man was critically injured when their pickup truck overturned on Heckscher Drive near Somer Road around 6:15 on Sunday morning, November 7, reports Channel 4 News.

It is unclear in the article who was driving the motor vehicle, but the Florida Highway Patrol reports the driver lost control of the Nissan pickup and it rolled several times across all of the lanes of traffic. The man that died at the scene of the fatal Florida car crash was not wearing a seat belt, and the other occupant of the vehicle was taken to a hospital in Jacksonville and is in critical condition.

Our condolences are extended to the family of the man killed in this fatal Florida truck rollover accident. Let’s pray for the recovery of the other man in this tragic crash.

There is no mention as to why the vehicle went off the road, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates at least 25% of crashes reported to police involve some form of distracted driving or inattention. That amounts to more than 1.5 million crashes a year, which is roughly 4,300 collisions every day.

If I was a family member of either of the men involved in this Florida car crash, I would want to know if another vehicle was involved; for example, was another vehicle speeding and caused the pickup truck to swerve out of the way? Was there debris on the road or was the vehicle faulty in some way? Did the seatbelt or tires on the vehicle fail?

An experienced Florida car accident attorney can launch an investigation and get answers that can lead to monetary compensation for the injuries and rehabilitation needed by victims following a Florida car crash.