Jacksonville Resident Complains City Is Not Cutting Down Dangerous Trees

The premises liability attorneys at Farah & Farah in Jacksonville have learned about the complaints of a local resident who contends that the City of Jacksonville broke its promise when it said that it would take down several dangerous trees in his neighborhood.

ActionNewsJax.com reported in February that it asked Jacksonville city leaders if there were any dangerous trees in the city that still needed to be removed. They were told there were no dangerous trees left standing, which prompted the resident to call the station, claiming there were three trees on his street that had been marked for removal, but were still standing.

The resident stated that after he called to complain the trees hadn’t been removed, but the city assured him they would be coming in six weeks. It’s been six weeks, and as of this writing, the trees are still standing.

The frustrated resident told Action News, “We’re concerned not only for us, but for the kids who make their way to school every day up and down this street.”

His concerns are well founded. In 2011, a 15-year-old Jacksonville boy was paralyzed when a limb from a rotted city tree fell on him. The family claims that they and neighbors had called about the dangerous tree before the tragedy, but their concerns fell on deaf ears. They allege the city knew about the dangerous tree nine months before the tragic accident occurred. At the time of the accident, there were 405 trees on the dangerous list throughout the city.

The family filed a lawsuit against the City of Jacksonville, which is still wending its way through the court system. The family’s attorney says that the medical bills and economic damages that will follow the teen the rest of his life will be in the millions of dollars.

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