Jacksonville Pedestrian Accident Caused by Cell Phone Use Injures Man

According to a report, the 17-year-old girl was driving in the Ortega area of Jacksonville. She says she was “just glancing at” her cell phone which was on the car seat.

She was not injured in the accident that followed, but 44-year-old Anthony Merrett is in critical condition after she pinned him against a wood chipper. He was working with a tree trimming crew along the side of the road when he was hit in this pedestrian accident in Florida.

Teens are notorious for texting, talking on the phone, and generally being distracted by anything on the console. They do not have the reaction time or capabilities of an experienced driver. Teens don’t want to hear that, but it’s true.

Charges may be filed in this very serious case.

Last month, a bill was introduced in the Florida legislature that bans texting while driving. In fact, it bans reading, manually writing, or typing and sending messages on cell phones.

Using a cell phone in any form is one of the most significant distractions that affect driving performance says the National Safety Commission.

Text messaging causes about a 400 percent increase in distraction time, cites a Harvard study. The American Medical Association calls text messaging while driving “a public health risk.”

It’s time Florida got onboard with the five other states that ban the use of cell phone while behind the wheel for drivers of all ages. Car accidents and pedestrian accidents in Florida could be prevented by also joining the 17 states and the District of Columbia that ban cell phone use by young or “novice” drivers.

Using a cell phone is a great way to communicate – just not while you’re driving.

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